Chemical Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures Heavy Duty Chemical Powder Filling Machines
to meet the grueling demands of the Chemical Industry.

Entry Level Chemical Powder Auger Fillers
Compact Entry Level
Model Micro-Filler
Compact Entry Level Micro-Filler Auger Filler

Entry-Level.  Reliable Performance

Entry-level small powder filling machine.  In the field since 1994.  Fill a variety of dry chemical powders, dust-free.  Reliable performance in harsh environments.  Upgradable.  No Clutch/Brake.  No Problems.


Full-size Entry Level 
Model E-11

Entry Level Auger Filler E-11 for Chemical powders

Rugged and Reliable.  Budget-friendly.

The Entry-level model E-11 Auger Filler is a full-size auger filling machine, capable of filling small and large fill sizes well above 2  kg.  Perfect for all types of harsh Chemical powders.  Standard 304 sst.  Optional 316 sst and protective coatings for product contact surfaces to prolong service life.


High Performance Chemical Powder Auger Fillers
Rugged Explosion Proof 
Model MF-11-XP
High Capacity Bulk Auger Filler for Chemical powders XP

Servo Operated XP. 
Chemical powder filling machine designed to handle the most challenging applications, not to mention Class/Div requirements.  Independent Auger and Agitation speed control.  Rugged construction.  It's explosive! NOT.

High Capacity Weigh Filler 
Model MF-11-HCW
High Capacity Bulk Auger Filler for Chemical powders

High Capacity.  High Precision.  
20 lbs to 100+ lbs.  Designed to dispense your wide range of fill sizes, into a wide range of containers: Bags, Bag-in-a-Box, Drums.  Toggle Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight modes.  Able to withstand the most harsh Chemical powder environments.  FAST, CLEAN, PRECISE.


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Fire Extinguisher Chemical powders