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PER-FIL® has been in business since 1974, and has developed and innovated technology that most of the powder filler industry commonly uses today.


Application Knowledge

We have expertise handling the most complex challenging applications.  Anyone can sell a powder filler, but will it work for your application?



When you combine American production, 50 years experience and expertise with powder products from every industry, the result is the highest quality equipment available today.


Made in USA

When customers are looking for equipment Made in the USA, they know they can turn to PER-FIL® - one of the few companies that still designs, engineers and manufacturers  industrial powder dispensing equipment in-house.


History and Background

PER-FIL® Industries is an Independent Family owned business.  Established in 1974, Horst and Charlotte Boellmann began PER-FIL and is still growing strong today.  Their daughter Shari Becker (formerly Shari Boellmann) joined the PER-FIL Team in 1989 and is President today.

PER-FIL® Industries is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Auger Fillers and an integrator of Turnkey Packlines.  Headquartered in Riverside, NJ USA, PER-FIL employs several patented technologies to develop customized powder filling solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Nutraceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Household Consumer Products, and Toner Industries.  The Company’s customers include major international manufacturers representing most of the world’s best known brands. 

What makes PER-FIL® different?

There’s a reason PER-FIL®’s customers include most of the world’s best-known brands. They manufacture the most reliable, best performing, auger filling equipment on the market today.

There are many unique features, as well as, product innovations that help PER-FIL® maintain an edge over the competition.

PER-FIL® Auger Fillers are engineered to address the limitations of competitive equipment.  Within the first few years of operation, this philosophy allowed us to position ourselves as the number one choice of the Toner Industry (arguably the most challenging product for auger filling technology), as well as, many others.  We apply the expertise gained by addressing the challenges inherent in Toner filling, i.e., fluctuations in bulk density, excessive dust, extremely small particle sizes, product degradation, tight accuracy control, to the wide range of Industries We Serve

PER-FIL's expertise and overall application knowledge is unmatched by our competitors.

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