per-fil industries
auger fillers 

Automatically index and fill into your
rigid containers or pouches.
Speeds up to 300 cpm.

Automatic Auger Filler Multi-spindle

PER-FIL Industries
Automatic Powder Fillers

Every PER-FIL Automatic Powder Filler includes a conveyor and indexing system, OEM mounts, custom tooling, vacuum manifolds
and custom dust terminations for dust-free filling.


Automatic Auger Filler - Micro doser

Speed and Precision.  Micro Dose below 1.0 g.  Automatic nano-Filler with rotary turret or inline conveyor indexing.  Weighing options include Tare/Gross Checkweigher, Individual Load Cells at the fill position, and Net Weigh Bucket.


Automatic Auger Filler Micro Doser Micro-Filler

Compact Automatic single-head auger filler.  Dependable.  Rugged.  Reliable.  Improve efficiency.  Reduce labor.  Fill range from a few grams to 500 g.  

Video: Micro-C

Video: Micro-14-Sachet Filling Machine

Video: Micro-14-Sachet Filling Machine Packline

Full-Size Single-Head


Automatic Entry Level Auger Filler E-11C

Entry-Level High Quality Automatic Powder Filler.  Automatically indexes your rigid containers.  Ideal for Start-ups.  Dependable performance.


Automatic Servo Auger Filler MF-11C

High Performance Automatic Auger Filler with pin indexing.  Heavy Duty Construction.  Servo operated.  Capable of handling hundreds of SKU's.  Able to handle a wide range of challenging Free-Flowing and Non-Free-Flowing products.  Favorite of Co-manufacturers who need a rugged machine with superior performance and flexibility.


High Speed | Inline Multi-Spindle and Rotary Continuous Motion


Made in the USA Since 1974


Automatic Micro-Doser nano-xc

Micro Dosing at High Production rates. 
Inline Multi-spindle applications to fill bottles, and vial.  OEM mounts for Stick packs, Sachets, and Vertical Form Fill Seal.



Automatic Auger Filler Micro Doser Micro-XC

Compact Inline Multi-Spindle Auger Filler with feedscrew indexing.  Fill range of a few grams to 500 g.  Two (2)  to Ten (10) inline spindles in one common filler hopper.  Superior alternative to Rotary machines for Non-Free-Flowing powders.  Directly meter product into your rigid containers - DUST FREE.  PATENTED.



Automatic Auger Filler Multi-spindle MF-XC

Full-Size Inline Multi-Spindle Powder Filler.  Fill ranges from a few grams to over 2 kg.  Full-size Automatic Powder Filler Machine.  Comes in two (2) to ten (10) spindle varieties.  High Speed, High Volume dry powder production.  Favorite of Pharmaceutical and high volume Food and Spice producers who need High Performance at High Speeds.  PATENTED.



Automatic Rotary Auger Filler

Rotary Continuous Motion - Ultra-High Speed Powder Filler.  Fills 300+ containers per minute.  Ideal for filling Free-Flowing products.  Great option for filling Non-Free-Flowing powders when speed is critical and a multi-spindle machine is not an option.  Blazing high speeds with no dust.


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