Household Consumer Applications

PER-FIL Industries supplies high performance Powder Fillers to the Household and Consumer Products Industry.  Auger Fillers designed to fill Industrial Household Cleaning Powders, Laundry and Dishwashing Detergents. 
Fill sizes range from a few grams to over 100 lbs.

 Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Rugged Full-Size Economy
Model E-11
Economy Auger Filler for Household Consumer

Entry-Level.  Reliable Performance

Entry-level full-size powder filling machine.  Reliable performance.  No Clutch/Brake.  No Problems.


Heavy Duty Servo 
Model MF-11 
Semi-Automatic Servo Auger Filler

High Performance

Servo operated Auger Filler.  Durable enough to fill the most harsh cleaning powders and detergents. Independent auger and agitation control, capable of filling the most challenging powders and granules.


Automatic Auger Fillers
Dual-spindle Servo
Model MF-2C
Automatic Dual-Spindle Servo Auger Filler model MF-2C

Automatic Dual-Spindle

High Performance and Higher Speeds.  Automatic container handling.  Rugged Dual-head Auger Fillers to meet your production needs.  Dust-Free.  


Multi-spindle Servo
Model MF-XC
Automatic Multi-spindle Auger Filler

Inline Multi--Spindle

Up to 10 Spindles in a one common filler hopper.  Directly meter your Free-Flowing and NON-Free-Flowing powders.  Superior alternative to continuous motion Rotary Auger Fillers when filling NON-Free-Flowing powders.  FAST, CLEAN, PRECISE.  Patented.


High Capacity Auger Fillers
High Speed Rotary
Model RCM-28
High Speed Rotary Auger Filler

Automatic High Capacity Rotary.  

Automatic container handling.  Blazing speeds filling into your rigid containers.  Filling both Free-Flowing and Non-Free-Flowing Powder Products.  Dust-Free.


Rugged High Capacity
Model MF-11-HCW
High Capacity Bulk Auger Filler

High-Capacity.  Fill-by-Weight.  

20 lbs to 100+ lbs.  Designed to fill your large fill sizes.  Fill into Bags, Bag-in-a-Box, Pails, and Drums.  Bulk and Dribble fill provides high precision.  Accuracy better than +/- 1.0%.


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