Cosmetic Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures high performance powder filling equipment for the
Cosmetic and Beauty Industry.  Capable of Micro Dosing a wide range of
Cosmetic powders.  Filling Nail Powders and Eye Shadows in small stylistic containers.  Precision Dust-Free filling.

Semi-Automatic Cosmetic Powder Auger Fillers
Micro Dosers  
nano-Filler® and nano-W

Base dimension 16" x 24"

High Precision.  High performance.

The model nano-Filler® Cosmetic filling machine can Micro Dose 25 mg to over 1.0 g of Cosmetic Powder.  Perfect for precise dosing of free-flowing and non-free-flowing Cosmetic powders.  Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight operation. 


Micro Dosers  
Micro-Filler® and Micro-W
Semi-Automatic Micro Doser Auger Filler model Micro-Filler

Entry-level.  Reliable Performance.

Compact Entry-Level Micro-Filler® designed for small to mid volume powder filling production.  Available in several configurations.  This powder filler is ideal for fill sizes up to 500 g.  Customized for your process.  Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight operation.


Automatic Cosmetic Powder Auger Fillers
High Speed Micro Doser  
Model nano-2 Star-Fill
Automatic Auger Filler Micro Doser

Dual-Spindle.  Micro Dose with Precision.   
Cosmetic powder filling machine.  Automatic Rotary Index container handling.  Rugged Dual-head Auger Fillers to meet your production needs.  Dust-Free.  

Dual Servo Micro Doser  
Model Micro-2
Dual Servo Auger Filler Micro Doser Micro-2

Dual-Spindle.  One Hopper. 
Dual Servo motors control the fill cycle with great precision.  Optional Accessories customize the Micro-2 to suit your unique production requirements.

Multi-Spindle Micro Doser  
Model Micro-4C
Automatic Auger Filler Multi-Spindle

Inline Multi-Spindle.  Micro Precision. 
High Speed Cosmetic Powder filling machine.  Fast efficient container handling.  Dust-Free powder filling.  Patented Multi-Spindle Auger Filler to meet your high production needs.


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