Food and Spice Applications

PER-FIL Industries provides Low and High Volume powder fillers to Start-ups, established Private Food Producers, Co-Manufacturers and Multi-National Corporations, who require Reliable, High Quality Food Packaging Equipment to meet their unique production needs.

Entry Level Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Compact Micro Doser
Model Micro-Filler®
Compact Micro Doser Auger Filler model Micro-Filler

Invented in 1994, the most popular compact auger filler among companies who require flexibility and reliable performance. The Micro-Filler® Series Auger Fillers can dose a wide range of products DUST FREE.  Fill sizes range from a few grams to 500+ grams.

Full Size Economy
Model E-11
Auger filler for spices and food entry level model E-11

The Entry Level E-11 Auger Filler is a full-size food packaging machine, capable of filling small and large sizes well above 2  kg.  Perfect for all types of Food Products, ranging from Spices, Baking Mixes and Flours, to Whole Coffee Beans, to Pastes and Processed Foods.


High Performance Automatic Auger Fillers
Single Head Servo
Model MF-11C-FG 
Automatic Servo Auger Filler model MF-11C

The High Performance model
MF-11C-FG Food Grade Servo operated Auger Filler is designed to give the operator the highest level of flexibility and performance when filling the most challenging Food powders, granules, pastes.  The
MF-11C-FG filling machine can also fill processed foods such as Cooked Rice, Guacamole and even Diced Tomatoes, using our proprietary ported tooling system.


Dual Head Servo
Model MF-2C-FG 
Automatic Servo Dual Head Auger Filler model MF-2C

The MF-2C-FG Food Filling Machine is ideal for Co-Manufacturers who need 24/7 production and flexibility to run 100+ SKU's.  Dual-spindle in one common hopper.  Large 5 cu. ft. filler hopper capacity with a reduced overall footprint.  Bulk feed one filler, not two.  Available with a Built-in Checkweigher for continuous feedback and correction.


High Speed Automatic Auger Fillers
Model MF-XC
High Speed Automatic Auger Filler Multi-spindle Inline

Ideal for High-Speed Food Powder applications to fill
Non-Free-flowing and Free-Flowing spices, baking mixes, and many others.  The MF-XC Automatic Auger Filler directly dispenses your unique Food Powders and granules into rigid containers.  No need to drop your product through a series of funnels; avoid aeration and changing bulk densities, which effect performance and creates excessive dust.  Great alternative to the Rotary Continuous Motion auger filler.  With the integrated pneumatic lift and vacuum connected dust terminations, your high-speed production line will run clean, fast, and accurate.    

Video: Multi-Spindle Powder Filler

Rotary Continuous Motion
Model 28-RCM
High Speed Rotary Auger Filler

When required speeds are 100 cpm or higher, the RCM High-Speed Rotary Continuous Motion Filling Machine is the optimum solution.  Ideal for High-Speed applications to fill Free-flowing granular spices, blends, mixes and more.  Capable of filling a wide range of bottles and weights ranging from a few grams to several pounds.


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