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High Quality Auger FIllers and Turnkey Packlines.
Made in the USA since 1974.

Micro-6C - Automatic

Patented Inline Multi-spindle model Micro-6C dry powder filling machine, provides efficient direct dosing of non-free-flowing powders at high speeds.  A superior alternative to Rotary Continuous Motion systems when filling dry non-free-flowing powders.

MF-2C - Automatic

Dual-spindle.  One common hopper.  High Volume powder filling machine.  Flexibility.  Durability.  Favorite of Co-manufacturers who need flexibility and speed when filling dry powders.

MF-11C - Automatic

High Performance Full-size automatic powder filling machine.  Reduces labor, maintains throughput, improves efficiency.

Micro-C - Automatic

Compact Automatic 
Micro-Filler® single-head auger filling machine.  Compact and Reliable.  Improve efficiency.  Reduce labor.

E-11 - Semi-Automatic

Full-size Entry-Level Auger Filling machine.  Design based on the famously reliable Micro-Filler.  Built-in controls for Fill-by-weight operation to fill dry powders and granules. Scale and Conveyor Ready.

MF-11 - Semi-Automatic

Full-size High Performance Servo Operated Semi-Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine.  Built-in controls for Fill-by-weight operation.   Scale and Conveyor Ready.  

Micro-W - Semi-Automatic

Micro-Filler® with integrated balance for Fill-by-Weight operation.  Designed for applications that require a precision powder filler.  Available with up to a four (4) digit Mettler Toldeo balance and custom draft shield.

Micro-Filler - Semi-Automatic 

The Original  - Micro-Filler®. Patented.  Compact Entry-Level Micro Doser Auger Filler designed for Start-ups who require an economical, yet high quality  industrial powder dispensing machine.  Thousands of Micro-Filler®s in the field since 1994.

nano-X - Automatic

Multi-spindle Micro Doser.  Pharmaceutical Commercial production.  Fills both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders at high rates, while maintaining high precision.  High Performance Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine.   

nano-W - Semi-Automatic 

Semi-Automatic Micro Doser.  Designed for Pharmaceutical Lab Trials.  Fills both free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders.  Ultra-High Precision filling machine for injectable dry powders.

MF-11HCW - Semi-Automatic 

Semi-Automatic High Capacity Auger Filler.  Designed for fill sizes ranging from 10 lbs to 100 lbs.  Runs in both Volumetric and Fill-by-weight modes.  High Capacity industrial powder dispensing machine.

RCM-28 - Automatic Rotary Filling Machine

High Speed Rotary | Automatic Auger Filling Machine.  Capable of speeds well over 100 cpm.  Fill sizes range from 50 g to 20 lbs.  Ideal for filling Free-Flowing dry powder products.


Semi-Automatic High Capacity Toner Filler.  MR-1 Toner Filler with DD-1 Drum Dumper.  Bulk feed the MR-1 DUST FREE from drums.

Automatic Packline

Automatic compact Pouch Filler
Micro-14-OEM integrated with Phoenix GoPacker pouch machine and Thermo Fisher checkweigher, filling Pharmaceutical powders into Sachets.

Automatic Sachet Filling Machine

Automatic compact Pouch Filler
Micro-14-OEM integrated with Phoenix GoPacker pouch machine.  Compact sachet filling machine, filling Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical powders into Sachets.

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