Nick Brown

In 2006, we asked Per-fil to tailor their auger fillers to our unique application with dry iron oxide pigments. They set up a full-scale trial in their facility with our materials to determine the optimal design and verify performance to our requirements. Since the color of houses was at stake with the performance of the auger, we asked for them to emphasize accuracy first and speed second. When our bagger was delivered, they integrated their filler with our bagger at their facility, did acceptance testing right there, and the machine has performed admirably. It has enabled us to cut labor from 3 people to 1.5 people in that department and still meet demand, with improved accuracy on weights. This has been key in this environment of choppy demand and intense cost pressures. Their technical support department has been a great help as well.

Nick BrownPresidentMerlex StuccoOrange Co., CA
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