per-fil industries
auger fillers 

Automatically index and fill into your rigid containers or pouches.  Mid to High volume production.

PER-FIL Industries
Automatic Auger Fillers

Every PER-FIL Automatic Auger Filler includes a conveyor and indexing system, OEM mounts, custom tooling, vacuum manifolds and custom dust terminations for dust-free filling.

Micro Dosers


Speed and Precision.  Micro Dose below 1.0 g.  Automatic nano-Filler with rotary turret or inline conveyor indexing.  Weighing options include Tare/Gross Checkweigher, Individual Load Cells at the fill position, and Net Weigh Bucket.


Compact Automatic single-head auger filler.  Dependable.  Rugged.  Reliable.  Improve efficiency.  Reduce labor.  Fill range from a few grams to 500 g.  


Full-Size Single-Head


Entry-Level High Quality Automatic Auger Filler.  Automatically indexes your rigid containers.  Ideal for Start-ups.  Dependable performance.


High Performance Automatic Auger Filler.  Heavy Duty Construction.  Servo operated.  Capable of handling hundreds of SKU's.  Able to handle a wide range of challenging Free-Flowing and Non-Free-Flowing products.  Favorite of Co-manufacturers who need a rugged machine with superior performance and flexibility.


High Speed 


Micro Dosing at High Production rates.  Inline Multi-spindle applications to fill bottles, and vial.  OEM mounts for Stick packs, Sachets, and Vertical Form Fill Seal.



Compact Inline Multi-Spindle auger filler.  Fill range of a few grams to 500 g.  Two (2)  to Ten (10) inline spindles in one common filler hopper.  Superior alternative to Rotary machines for Non-Free-Flowing powders.  Directly meter product into your rigid containers - DUST FREE.  PATENTED.



Full-Size Inline Multi-Spindle auger filler.  Fill ranges from a few grams to over 2 kg.  Full-size Automatic Auger Filler.  High Speed High Volume production.  Favorite of Pharma who need High Performance at High Speeds.  PATENTED.



Rotary Continuous Motion - Ultra-High Speed auger filler.  Fills 100+ containers per minute.  Ideal for filling Free-Flowing products.  Great option for filling Non-Free-Flowing powders when speed is critical and a multi-spindle machine is not an option.  Blazing high speeds with no dust.