OEM Auger Fillers

OEM Auger Fillers

Single and Multiple Spindle Auger Fill Heads designed for integration with Vertical F/F/S Form/Fill/Seal, Horizontal Pouching Equipment, Stik-Pack, Blister Pack, Cup Equipment and other Packaging Machinery.  Let PER-FIL® supply a Powder Filling Equipment solution for you!

If you are a Contract Packager/Co-Packer/Co-Manufacturer with grueling requirements to fill your customer’s Powder Products, and need both FLEXIBILITY and RELIABILITY, a PER-FIL OEM Auger Filler is your solution.

OEM nano-Filler

OEM nano-Filler | Auger Filler

The PER-FIL® OEM nano-Filler is designed for the Precision Micro Dosing of Powders and Granules, with a typical fill range of 25 mg to 25+ grams per dose. The nano-Filler features a Precise, Servo Driven Auger that ensures optimum control of Fill Accuracy.  Separate Variable Speed Agitator Drive to control product consistency.  “Off-the-Shelf” PLC with touchscreen interface for simple adjustment of all filler parameters. The OEM nano-Filler can be integrated with a variety of Automated Packline Indexing Systems, including Feedscrew Indexing and Rotary Indexing systems.

  • Perfect for Filling Pharmaceutical Powders
  • 25 mg to 25+ grams per dose
  • Available with Multiple Spindles for multi-lane applications
  • Ideal for Stik Packs, Blister Packs, Syringes and Vials
  • Flexible Integration

OEM Micro-14

OEM Micro-14 Auger Filler

The PER-FIL® OEM Micro-14 OEM Auger Filler is ideal for integration with Horizontal and Vertical Pouching Machines with a maximum production rate of 40 pouches per minute.  Ideal for F/F/S Form/Fill/Seal and Stick Pack applications.  Available with either standard permanent magnet motor drive package or Servo Auger Drive.

  • Fill range from 10 gr to 1,000 gr
  • Available with Customized Auger Tooling
  • No-Tools Changeover

OEM MF-14 OEM Mount

OEM MF-14 | OEM Mount Auger Filler

For our customers who require High Performance Automatic Filling Equipment for integration with your Vertical or Horizontal F/F/S Form/Fill/Seal or Tube equipment, PER-FIL® Industries offers our Model MF-14 OEM Mount Servo Auger Filler.  Featuring a Servo Auger Drive and independent agitator drive, the MF-14 OEM Mount FIlling Machine is capable of achieving up to 120 cycles per minute.

  • Adjustable head height for simple installation and removal of tooling
  • Larger Filler Hopper sizes available
  • High Performance, Low Maintenance design
  • Available with checkweigher feedback for optimum fill accuracy control

OEM Micro Multi-Spindle Auger Filler

OEM Micro Multi-Spindle Auger Filler

The PER-FIL® OEM Micro Multi-Spindle Auger Filler is a Servo driven, Multi-Spindle Auger Filler is ideal for integration with Stick-Pack machines, Blister Pack, Cup machines or Multi-Lane Tube Equipment. Center distance between Auger Spindles as small as 58 mm. Designed to support up to 10 spindles.

  • Independent Servo Motors for each Auger for optimum fill accuracy control
  • Custom engineered orbital agitation for product conditioning
  • Available with 316 stainless steel contact parts


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The PER-FIL® OEM MF-14NW Auger Filler features a Servo Driven Vertical Auger which meters into a Net Weigh Bucket.  The Auger is controlled by two load cells. When the desired NET weight is achieved the product is dropped down the Forming Tube of the Fill/Form/Seal F/F/S system ensuring fill accuracy of +/- 0.5% or better.

  • Optimum fill accuracy control
  • Ideal for granular or free flowing powder products