Accu-Fill Micro Doser

Newest Addition to Pharmaceutical Line

ACCU-FILL Micro Doser

ACCU-FILL Micro Doser


    • ULTRA PRECISION using individual load cell weight control-Tare and Fill to Weight.
    • MULTI-SPINDLE – EXPANDABLE from 2 to 10 spindles
    • OA TECHNOLOGY to provide mass-flow in filler hopper
  • DUAL FEED SCREW to guarantee accurate container positioning

The PER-FIL® ACCU-FILL Micro Doser is a multi-spindle servo auger filler designed for ultra-precise filling of powder and granular products.

The ACCU-FILL is the latest addition to the PER-FIL® Micro Doser product line. This multi-spindle filling system is our most precise filler to date. It offers an ultra-precise servo driven auger, for optimum control over fill accuracy, and separate DC-Variable speed agitator drive to control product consistency.

Individual load cell weight control. Can be integrated with scale for net weight fill operation or with checkweigher to feedback and adjust auger dispense counts.

ADJUSTABLE auger spouts, from 2” to 6” centers.

EXPANDABLE number of spindles, ranging from 2 to 10 spindles. Can accommodate an infinite amount of container sizes and production rates from 10 – 120 fills per minute.

OA TECHNOLOGY – new innovative agitation system to provide mass-flow in filler hopper. The key to consistent accuracy via continual product conditioning into the auger flights.

DUAL FEED SCREW to guarantee accurate container positioning.

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION to accommodate Pharma – Biotech – Cosmetic – Food – product environments.

COMPACT MODULAR DESIGN offers flexibility of container size and dose weight range (small footprint).

Production rates from 10 – 120 fills per minute.