Toner Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures High Performance Toner Fillers and Turnkey Packlines for every leading Toner Manufacturer and Recycler in the Toner Industry, since 1974.

Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Compact Entry Level
Model MR-1T
a.k.a. Original Micro-Filler

First of it's kind.  Invented in 1994, for the Recycle Industry.  The most popular compact Toner filler among companies who require flexibility and reliable performance.  The MR-1X Toner Auger Filler can fill Toner into a wide range of cartridges DUST FREE.

Compact Toner Filler w/ Drum Dumper
Model MR-1T with integrated DD-1

MR-1X  with DUST-FREE Bulk Feeder.  DD-1 Drum Dumper.  

The Original MR-1 with the DD-1 Drum Dumper.  Bulk feed the MR-1 DUST FREE.


Dual Servo High Performance
Model Micro-2

Full-size DUAL Spindle Toner Filler.  Designed for mid-Volume production, the model Micro-2 is a High Performance Toner filler.  Fills two cartridges simultaneously.

Servo High Performance
Model MF-11T

HIGH PERFORMANCE Full-size Servo operated Toner Filler.

Automatic Toner Fillers
Automatic Toner Filler Packline
Model MF-11TFP

Every Toner manufacturer and OEM in the world uses a PER-FIL Toner Filler.  High performance, consistent exact cartridge handling, DUST-FREE.