Nutraceutical Applications

PER-FIL Industries provides high performance powder filling equipment to the Nutraceutical Industry to fill the wide range of Health Supplements....Whey Proteins, Creatine, popular Health care products to improve immune systems and overall health.

Entry Level Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Compact Micro Doser
Model Micro-Filler

The Original 

The Micro-Filler, invented in 1994.  The first small filler designed for small business.  Micro dose from a few grams to 500+ g.


Full-size Economy
Model E-11

Reliable Performance

Entry-level full-size machine.  Reliable performance.  No Clutch/Brake.  No problems.


High Performance Automatic Auger Fillers
Single Head Servo
Model MF-11C

Automatic Precision Dosing.  Automatic container handling.  Single-head auger fillers to meet your production needs.  Filling into rigid containers or mounted onto your Vertical Form Fill Seal machine.


Multi-spindle High Performance
Model MF-4C

High-Volume, High-Speed.  Patented Multiple-spindle Auger FIllers.  Two to Ten spindles in one common filler hopper to meet your production needs while saving space.  Filling into rigid containers dust-free.  Best alternative to Rotary systems when you have a need for speed.