Household Consumer Applications

PER-FIL Industries provides high performance powder filling equipment to the Household and Consumer Products Industry.  Small dose range to over 100 lbs.

 Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Rugged Full-Size Economy
Model E-11

Entry-Level.  Reliable Performance

Entry-level full-size machine.  Reliable performance.  No Clutch/Brake.  No Problems.

Heavy Duty Servo 
Model MF-11 

High Performance

Servo operated Auger Filler.  Durable enough to fill the most harsh products.  Capable of filling the most challenging powders and granules.

Automatic Auger Fillers
Dual-spindle Servo
Model MF-2C

Automatic Dual-Spindle.  High Performance.  Automatic container handling.  Rugged Dual-head Auger Fillers to meet your production needs.  Dust-Free.  


Multi-spindle Servo
Model MF-XC

Inline Multi--Spindle up to 10 Spindles in a common filler hopper.  Directly meter your NON-Free-Flowing powders.  Patented.  Superior alternative to continuous motion Rotary.  FAST, CLEAN, PRECISE.


High Capacity Auger Fillers
High Speed Rotary
Model RCM-28

Automatic High Capacity Rotary.  Automatic container handling.  Blazing speeds filling into your rigid containers.  Filling both Free-Flowing and Non-Free-Flowing Products.  Dust-Free.  

Rugged High Capacity
Model MF-11-HCW

High-Capacity.  Fill-by-Weight.  20 lbs to 100+ lbs.  Designed to fill your large fill sizes, FAST, CLEAN, PRECISE.