Cosmetic Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures high performance powder filling equipment for the
Cosmetic and Beauty Industry.  Capable of Micro Dosing a wide range of ingredients. 
Filling Nail Powders and Eye Shadows in small stylistic containers.  Precision Dust-Free filling.

Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers
Micro Doser  
Model nano-Filler/W

High Precision.  High performance.

The nano-Filler can Micro Dose 25 mg to over 1.0 g.  Perfect for precise dosing of free-flowing and non-free-flowing cosmetic powders.  Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight operation. 


Micro Doser  
Model Micro-Filler/W

Entry-level.  Reliable Performance.

Compact Entry-Level Micro-Filler designed for small to mid volume production.  Available in many configurations.  Customized for your process.  Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight operation.


Automatic Auger Fillers
High Speed Micro Doser  
Model nano-2 Star-Fill

Dual-Spindle.  Micro Precision.   Automatic Rotary Index container handling.  Rugged Dual-head Auger Fillers to meet your production needs.  Dust-Free.  

Dual Servo Micro Doser  
Model Micro-2

Dual-Spindle.  One Hopper.  Dual servo motors control the fill cycle with great precision.  Optional Accessories customize the Micro-2 to suit your unique production requirements.

Multi-Spindle Micro Doser  
Model Micro-4C

Inline Multi-Spindle.  Micro Precision.  Fast efficient container handling.  Dust-Free filling.  Multi-Spindle Auger Filler to meet your high production needs.