Chemical Applications

PER-FIL Industries manufactures Heavy Duty powder filling equipment
to meet the grueling demands of the Chemical Industry.

Entry Level Auger Fillers
Compact Entry Level
Model Micro-Filler

Entry-Level.  Reliable Performance

Entry-level full-size machine.  Reliable performance.  No Clutch/Brake.  No Problems.


Full-size Entry Level 
Model E-11

Rugged and Reliable

The Entry Level model E-11 Auger Filler is a full-size auger filling machine, capable of filling small and large sizes well above 2  kg.  Perfect for all types of Chemicals.  316 sst and product contact surface coatings to pro-long life.


High Performance Auger Fillers
Rugged Explosion Proof 
Model MF-11-XP

Servo Operated XP.  Designed to handle the most challenging applications, not to mention Class/Div requirements.  Rugged construction.  It's explosive! NOT.

High Capacity 
Model MF-11-HCW

High Capacity.  High Precision.  20 lbs to 100+ lbs.  Designed to fill your wide range of fill sizes, into a wide range of containers - Bag-in-a-Box, Drums.  Fill-by-Weight.  Able to withstand the most harsh environments.  FAST, CLEAN, PRECISE.