Pharmaceutical Industry Case Studies

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How are the needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry met by PER-FIL Industries?
We primarily focus on Optimum Dose Accuracy and the Highest Dose Rates per application.  As with all PER-FIL Auger Fillers, Dust-Free Filling is achieved via our patented technologies and design.

Case Study:  Different components into each cup.

Objective:  Fill two different components of a Test Kit into each cup.

Problem:  Each ingredient must be filled ultra-precisely.  Any disparity in the required amount of each diagnostic Pharmaceutical Powder would give an incorrect test result. Filling by hand was too slow and too unreliable.

Commercial Pharmaceutical Packline Filling Machine

PER-FIL® nano-2 Start-Fill

Solution:  The PER-FIL® nano-2 STAR-FILL Monoblock Filling System was equipped with two nano-Fillers, each designed to precisely dispense the exact dosage of each Pharmaceutical Powder into the cup.  A load cell is positioned under each nano-Filler for gravimetric operation.  The balance controls the Auger Filler ensuring optimum fill accuracy control.  The Starwheel Automatic Container Handling system provides precise container positioning under each fill nozzle.

Case Study:  Human Tissue Processing

Objective:  Fill Human Tissue into vials, while minimizing labor and ensuring fill accuracy.

Problem:  Processing and packaging of human skin tissue is extremely labor intensive as bone and tissue is cut and ground and packaged by hand. The training time for employees is 18 months and employee turnover is high due to the tedious nature of the work.  This tissue bank sought to simplify the packaging operation by automating the filling and labeling of vials.  Another critical factor was the Machine Parts had to be Autoclavable.

Video of model nano-W – Pharmaceutical Net Weigh Powder Filler

Solution:  The PER-FIL® nano-W Net Weigh nano-Filler precisely filled the human tissue into vials by simply setting the desired fill weight and pressing a button.  A Mettler-Toledo balance controlled the auger revolutions to ensure precise dosing.  Fill data was downloaded via USB from the Filling Machine’s PLC to the customer’s PC and ink jet coder, which printed lot code and fill weight on each vial.  The product contact parts were easily removed and Autoclaved.

Case Study: High Speed Fill of Oral Suspension Powder.

Objective:  FIll a non-Free-Flowing Oral Suspension Powder at High Speed into glass bottles.

Problem:  The Pharmaceutical Powder Manufacturer needed to fill 30 gr. of a non-free flowing Dusty Powder into glass bottles at rates of 70 bottles per minute with +/- 1.0% accuracy.

Video of Micro-6C – Pharmaceutical Power Auger Filler

Solution:  The PER-FIL® Micro-6C Powder Filling Machine for Pharmaceutical Powder features six servo driven augers in one common filler hopper to fill six bottles at one time.  By directly augering the powder into each bottle, we have optimum control over fill accuracy and fill speed. The bottles are LIFTED at the fill position to insert the nozzle into the bottle ensuring a DUST FREE dispense.

Case Study:  Filling Fine Powder at high production rates.

Objective:  Fill plastic bottles with 12.0 gr. of Free-Flowing Penicillin at rates in excess of 350 cpm.

Problem:  Filling and compaction of fine powder into containers at high production rates presents many difficulties.  The process can create excessive dust, product bridging, and inaccurate fills.

Solution:  PER-FIL® Model PF-28RCM 30 station ROTARY CONTINUOUS MOTION Filling System.  This High Speed Auger Filler was equipped with ORBITAL FUNNEL VIBRATION (to speed up the product flow), VACUUM ASSIST (to compact product); and BOTTOM RAIL TAMPING (to settle product in the container).  The checkweigher verified weights and provided feedback  correction for optimum fill accuracy.


Case Study:  Verifiable High Accuracy Filling.

Objective:  Verifiable, High Accuracy Filling of 210 mg – 3,465 mg of Lidocaine and Progesterone into glass bottles.

Problem:  Empty glass bottles can vary as much as +/- 5.0 grams.  This eliminates the effectiveness of a checkweigher.  To reduce labor, the customer required Automatic Filling and Container Handling.

Solution:  PER-FIL® Model MF-SWC features a Servo Auger Filler with Conveyor.  A load cell was positioned at the fill position, and the conveyor chain was lowered for each fill cycle.  This isolated the bottle on the load cell and allowed Fill-By-Weight operation.  Weight data was downloaded to a USB Drive.  The user has an option to export data via RS-232.  


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