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Well known in the 1970’s for expertise in the most challenging industry of all – the Toner Industry, you now find a PER-FIL® Industries Auger Filling Machine anywhere you find a Powder, Paste, or Granual that needs to be filled.  From leading the Toner Industry in the 1970’s to today, applying our patented technologies to the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries, as well as many others – who demand a Fast, Clean, Precise Fill.  PER-FIL manufactures the right Powder Filling Machine for your specific Industry.
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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Auger Filler

316 Stainless Steel product contact parts, washdown construction, downloadable weight data and performance statistics — these features make PER-FIL® Auger Fillers  and Micro Dosers the right Rx for Pharmaceutical Lab and Commercial Packlines, Bio-Tech, Dental and Veterinary Manufacturers and Co-Packagers.  

Case Studies in the Pharmaceutical Industry and how PER-FIL’s Auger Filling Machines provided a solution: Different components into each cup, Human Tissue, Oral Suspension Powder, Fine Powder at High Rates ,and Verifiable High Accuracy.

See Micro Dosers for Precise Powder Filling of Pharmaceutical Powders

See Multi-Spindle Automatic Auger Fillers for Commercial Pharmaceutical Packlines

Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Industry Auger Fillers and Case Studies

Eye catching containers, multiple products and colors, and dusty products present challenges for Cosmetic and Personal Care companies. PER-FIL® Auger Fillers feature container handling solutions as unique as your containers and our experience with Eliminating Airborne Dust during filling is unrivaled!  Case Studies include: Face powder , Buttermilk Bath powder, Fine Talc, and Eye Shadow.

See how PER-FIL makes the Cosmetic Industry look good.

Food Industry

Food Industry and Spice Auger Fillers and Case Studies

Food Manufacturers and Packagers need Filling Equipment that is easy to clean, simple to change-over and flexible to handle a wide variety of products and fill sizes.  Product appearance is critical for packagers of prepared foods.  PER-FIL’s line of Food Grade Auger Fillers feature NEMA 4X stainless steel controls for washdown, custom tooling for product cut-off/no drip dispensing, and sanitary construction.  Case Studies include: Economic Start-up, Dispensing Cooked Rice, Difficult Products at High Speeds, and Filling Flour.

See why our Food Industry customers are hungry for more PER-FIL Auger Fillers.

Nutraceutical Industry

Nutraceutical Industry Auger Fillers and Case Studies

Your products help your customers increase strength, achieve lean muscle mass, manage their weight and improve their overall health.  PER-FIL’s products help you increase throughput, achieve lean manufacturing, manage your costs and improve your overall production.  Case Studies include: Difficult to manage bulk material, Single doses into pouches, Various products into a range of container sizes, High Speed Turnkey Packaging for Fiber Laxative, and Powder into Single-Serve Vials.

See how PER-FIL Auger Fillers help the Nutraceutical Industry grow strong.

Chemical Industry

Auger Fillers for the Chemical Products Industry

Abrasive! Corrosive! Explosive! Flammable! Chemical products require special handling and an understanding of your product, your workplace, and your need for a safe environment for your employees.  PER-FIL’s experience with US and international (ATEX, CE) regulations ensure you get the right Powder Filling Machine solution for your product and your plant.  Case Studies include: Small neck opening, large fill size, Filling wood dough, Filling ceramic powder, Turnkey Filling Packline, and Toxic and expensive products.

See why PER-FIL has great chemistry with the Chemical Industry.

Household Use Industry

Household Use Products Industry Auger Fillers and Case Studies

Your business is to make and package the products that build homes, repair homes and keep homes clean and homeowners happy.  Our business is to optimize throughput, minimize downtime and labor costs and keep YOU happy! PER-FIL® designs durable, flexible, and low maintenance Powder Filling solutions for your product and your plant.  Case Studies include: Start-up contract packager, Lava lamps, Carpet cleaner product, Glazing Compound ,and High speed fill of septic tank cleaner.

See why PER-FIL is a Household Industry name.

Toner Industry

toner industry auger filler

Dusty, fluidizes, generates particles, fuses, flows like water, explosive – Toner is NOT like other Powder Products and nobody knows Toner Fillers like PER-FIL®!

OEMs, Independents and Rechargers around the world rely on PER-FIL® Toner Fillers for the cleanest, most accurate and safest equipment available today. Our involvement in the Toner Industry ensures that we stay up to date on the latest Toner and Cartridges and continuously improve our equipment to meet your needs.  Case Studies include: The Toner Recycler, Eliminate Product give-away, Limited Plant Space, Toner Flows Like Water ,and Big, Fast, Clean, and Accurate too?

See why PER-FIL Industries has been the #1 name in the Toner Industry since 1974.

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