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"Per-Fil is like the cadillac of the toner industry. Any good sized toner manufacturer that you tour has at least one of these machines in house." 

Bill Henry, Jr. - General Manager
American Laser Products

"... it was a pleasure working with you and your team in the customization of our dispensing application. Your technical understanding and engineering resulted in precisely what we have been looking to accomplish improving efficiencies and reduction of labor all contributing to an ROI in the short term. Nice to be able to still find expertise in manufacturing in the USA…Keep up the great work!"

George S. Kouri - CEO
Sea Star Seafood

"Per-Fil's willingness and ability to test our materials surpassed others in the field. At the end of the day, it was the proven and guaranteed productivity that justified spending more than the prices quoted by others." 

Gary Reed, Owner
Dead Down Wind

"I have 2 of your auger fillers. They have been wonderful machines. My favorite thing about them is there versatility. You can practically fill anything from paste to water. We fill primarily lotions and soaps and body scrubs on them. Both machines are getting older now and have taken a beating so they need parts from time to time but they still run very good overall. Thanks for building good equipment! Keep it up!"

Judah Cleveland - Production Manager
The Common Sense Farm

"The biggest win for me [from the purchase of a Micro-Filler] was the quick ROI, it took us only three work orders to recoup the purchase price of this machine compared to what sub-contractors wanted to charge us to fill. Although we purchased this unit for one specific job I keep finding more and more jobs to utilize this equipment on. It is very easy to set-up, easy to operate, easy to clean and takes up very little space when not in use" 

Ron Phinney - Plant Foreman
Fresh Incorporated

"It was nice speaking with you about [purchasing] another Per-Fil filler system for our new Matrix [F/F/S]. The last system has been working faithfully for two and a half years, and in our harsh atmosphere, it is a testament to your company’s quality."

Ken Wolek, Manager
Sandtastik, Inc.

"We wanted to thank all of you who worked so quickly on getting us a replacement electrical box for our Per-Fil bagger immediately following the flood from Hurricane Floyd. Your quick action contributed greatly to salvaging a big portion of our products produced on that particular line. Also thanks for always giving us good service whenever we call needing help. We wish all our service providers were as helpful as Per-Fil."

Glenn Wheeler, Maintenance Manager
Atkinson Milling Co.

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Multi-spindle in-line auger fillers and rotary continuous motion fillers for high speed filling powders and granules into rigid containers.

Let PER-FIL® Industries - the experts in powder filling - customize a high speed rotary filling solution for you!

Dual Spindle Micro auger filler

The PER-FIL® Model MICRO-2C is a Dual Spindle High Speed powder filling machine that's modular design allows for high speed filling of product up to 500 grams per fill. This unit is a highly efficient, precise and clean alternative to rotary continuous motion technology for powder products. The unique, patented tub hopper allows for up to 10 spindle designs.

PF-26 Dual Head Automatic auger filler

Dual Head Auger Filler

PF-26S Dual Head High Speed auger filler

The PER-FIL® Model PF-26S is a Dual Head Automatic High Speed auger filler system that's modular design allows for high speed filling of difficult product and containers that may require bottom up filling, compression filling, vibration, fill-by-weight, Bulk and dribble, Multiple product filling, etc. Features Servo Auger Drives for both fill heads.

PF-28RCM Rotary Continuous Motion auger fillerPF-28RCM Rotary Continuous Motion auger filler

Rotary Continuous Motion Auger Filler

MF-1RCM Automatic High Speed auger filler

The PER-FIL® Model MF-1RCM is a Rotary Continuous Motion, high speed auger filler system designed for applications requiring 75 - 350 cpm line speed. Systems are custom designed to meet the specific requirement of each project.

Optional features include:

  • Turret and support rail vibration to assist product flow on difficult products.
  • Dust plenums for clean filling of dusty products.
  • Customer designed container compression seals.
  • Container compression wheels to eliminate bridging in funnels.
MF-4 Multi-Spindle auger filler


MF-4 Four Spindle SERVO High Speed auger filler

The PER-FIL® Model MF-4 four-spindle, SERVO driven, Automatic High Speed auger filler is THE Filling Equipment solution for high speed applications of difficult bridging product. This high speed filling equipment solution is a highly efficient, precise and clean alternative to rotary continuous motion technology for filling powder products. The unique, patented tub hopper allows for up to 10 spindle designs. Please contact us with filling requirments for a firm quote.

Turnkey Filling Equipment Solutions

Turnkey Filling Equipment Solutions

PER-FIL® Industries provides TURNKEY PACKAGING LINES for fully automatic high speed auger filling. Packaging lines equipped with one or more PER-FIL® Fillers and optional checkweighing, bulk handling, capping/plugging, sealing, labeling, coding, and/or any other systems requested by the customer. Please contact us with your specifications.

High-speed auger filler not what you need? See our full auger filler product line, or browse our Case Studies related to your product:

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