Toner Fillers

PER-FIL® Toner Fillers

OEMs, Independents and Remanufacturers around the world rely on PER-FIL® Toner Fillers for the cleanest, most accurate and safest auger filling equipment available today. We’ve been involved in your industry since 1974, and continue to stay up to date on the latest toner advances (CPT, Color, Developers, etc.) and challenges facing the industry.  We continuously improve our toner filling equipment to meet your needs.  See PER-FIL TONER FILLER VIDEO.

The Original Micro-Recharger®

MR-1X Toner Filler

The Original Micro-Recharger - Toner Filler Auger Filler - Model MR-1With over 2,500 units in 90 countries, the The Original Micro Recharger® – MR-1X Toner Filler is the industry standard for Recyclers.  This table top filling system uses toner in bags and fills it directly into all types of cartridges and containers. The Micro-Recharger® incorporates many features of the higher volume toner filling systems which we have supplied for 40 years to most major OEMs.  These features include dust-free bulk handling and the flexibility to handle the complete range of toner cartridges and bottles currently available.  Like all of our toner fillers, this unit is designed to provide the cleanest, fastest and most accurate fills possible.

  • Dust Free Bulk Handling
  • Fill into Toner Cartridges and Bottles
  • Small Footprint
  • Economical

MR-1/ DD-1 – Micro-Recharger® with Drum Dumper

Micro-Recharger w/Drum Dumper - Toner Filler - Auger Filler - Model MR-1 DD1
The PER-FIL® Model MR-1/DD-1 MICRO-RECHARGER® Toner Filler with Drum Dumper is designed for mid to high volume Toner Recyclers. This unit uses bulk toner in drums which allows the Recycler to save on bulk toner cost. This system assures that toner filling is handled safely and dust-free.

  • Ideal for Mid to High Volume Toner Recyclers
  • Dust-free transfer of bulk toner in Drums
  • Fast and Simple changeover between toners

MF-XI – Automatic Toner Filler

Automatic Servo Driven Toner Filler - Auger Filler - Model MF-Xi

The PER-FIL® Model MF-XI – Automatic SERVO driven Toner Filler – single or multi-spindle, with Indexing Conveyor is THE solution for automatic filling of cartridges and laser engines which cannot travel unsupported on a conveyor.  This system features a servo Toner Filler with one or more auger spindles; servo indexing conveyor and tare/gross weigh cells. This unit allows for the operator to be in a remote location away from the toner filler to limit dust exposure to the operator.

  • Automatic Toner Filling and cartridge handling
  • Servo Indexing Conveyor
  • Tare/Gross Weigh Cells
  • Single or Multi-Spindle

MF-11T – Toner Filler

Toner Filler - Auger Filler - Model MF-11T

The PER-FIL® Model MF-11T Servo Toner Filler is designed specifically for operation in a toner environment. The MF-11T features air purged controls and intrinsically safe sensors to meet Class II, Div II, and ATEX requirements. Fingertip speed adjustments vary the speed of the auger and agitators and assure that the filler can dispense all types of mono, dual component, color, chemical toner (CPT) and developer products. This system can easily be automated with the addition of a conveyor system for either bottles or cartridges.

  • Meets Class II, Div II and ATEX requirements
  • Ideal for all types of toner and developer products
  • Easily Automated

MF-11RIT – Automatic Toner Filler with Rotary Index Turret

Toner Filler with Rotary Index Turret - Auger Filler - Model MF-11-RIT

The PER-FIL® Model MF-11RIT Toner Filler with Rotary Index Turret is ideal for automatic toner filling of bottles and cartridges where space is at a premium.  This system can also be equipped with weighing, plugging or Tyvek sealing. This toner filler system features a high capacity filler hopper, servo auger drive, variable speed agitation system, rotary index turret with cartridge lift station, and custom engineered toner tooling.

  • Automatic Toner Filling and Cartridge handling
  • High Capacity
  • Cartridge Lift Station for dust control