Bulk Filler | High Capacity
Auger Filler | MF-11HCW

High Capacity Bulk Auger Filler | Model MF-11 HCW

Touchscreen operator interface for simple adjustment of all filler parameters. Includes up to 50 product recipes/set-ups.


Roller top scale for movement of bulk containers into and out of the fill position.


The PER-FIL® Model MF-11HCW is a High Capacity, Fill-By-Weight, Semi-Automatic auger filler designed for applications that require verified, precise, BULK VOLUME FILLING (50 lbs to 500 lbs) into boxes, bags and drums.  The MF-11HCW features a Mettler Toledo scale to control fill cycle for optimum accuracy control. Two speed filling operation: 90% filled Volumetrically at high speed, remaining 10% Fill-By-Weight at low speed.  See VIDEO of the PER-FIL High Capacity Bulk Auger Filler | Model MF-11 HCW.

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