PER-FIL Auger Fillers

PER-FIL® has thousands of auger fillers in operation in over 90 countries. Over the past 40 years, all of our fillers have been 100% Made in the USA and built to last.  PER-FIL Industries is known for designing and manufacturing the highest quality Auger Filling Machine available on the market.  PER-FIL can get the job done – especially when it comes to difficult to fill powder products and complex projects. See UNIQUE FEATURES OF PER-FIL AUGER FILLERS and Common Options and Accessories.

Toner Fillers

Toner Filler Auger Filler Model MR-1

PER-FIL® is the World Leader in manufacturing filling machines to fill Toner and Developer products.  We manufacture a toner filling machine to satisfy every toner operation, from Toner Rechargers to Independents to OEMs. Take a look at our Toner Filling Machine line to see why PER-FIL® Industries has been the #1 name in Toner filling with OEM’s and Recyclers since 1974.  See PER-FIL Toner Fillers.

Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers


Volumetric and Fill-by-Weight auger filling machine designed for Semi-Automatic filling of Powder, Granules, Pastes and Liquids into all types of containers.  Fill cycle initiated by foot-pedal or palm switch.  Fill sizes range from 0.5 gr to 100 lbs.  Modular designed auger filler to grow as your production needs increase.  Available with Volumetric, Gross Weigh, and Net Weigh fill control.
See PER-FIL’s Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers.

Micro Doser Auger Fillers


Micro-Doser auger fillers are your solution for fast, flexible, powder, granule and paste dispensing into all types of vials, syringes, pouches, beakers, bottles and jars.  Powder Filling Machine models designed to dispense ultra-precise fill sizes ranging from 10 mg to 1000 gr.  Available with Volumetric, Gross Weight and Net Weigh fill control.  Semi-Automatic to Fully Automatic.  See PER-FIL Micro Dosers.

Automatic Auger Fillers

Automatic Auger Fillers

Powder filler with automatic container handling designed to fill powder, granular and paste products into rigid containers including bottles, jars, buckets, boxes, drums and pails.  Single-Head, Multi-Head, Multi-Spindle and Rotary Auger Filler Machine with  automatic container handling, designed to meet your desired fill speed and accuracy requirements.  See PER-FIL’s Automatic Auger Fillers.

Multi-Spindle and Rotary Auger Fillers

Multi-Spindle and Rotary Auger Fillers

Multi-Spindle inline auger filler and Rotary Continuous Motion auger filler for high speed filling of powders and granules into rigid containers.  These high speed powder auger fillers can achieve 75-400 cpm.  The right powder filling machine depends on your product’s flow characteristics and container type.
See PER-FIL’s Multi-Spindle and Rotary Auger Fillers.

Weigh Fillers


Weigh Fillers designed to precisely dispense powder and granular products into all types of containers: bags, bottles, boxes, drums, vials and syringes.  Gross Weigh, Net Weigh, Semi-Automatic and fully Automatic Weigh Fillers designed to ensure fill accuracy of +/- 0.5% or better!
See PER-FIL’s Weigh Fillers.

OEM Auger Fillers

OEM Auger Fillers

OEM Auger Fillers available with your choice of PLC and HMI or no controls at all.  Our Single and Multi-Spindle auger fill heads are ideal for integration with Vertical and Horizontal F/F/S, Horizontal Pouching Equipment, Blister Pack, Cup Rotary Cup Sealers, Stik-pack, Monobloc, Tube sealing, Tray form/seal, Cup sealing equipment, and other packaging machinery.  Let PER-FIL® customize a powder filling equipment solution for you!  See PER-FIL’s OEM Auger Fillers.

Bulk Auger Fillers

Bulk Auger Fillers

Accurately and cleanly fill 50 lbs to 500 lbs of your powder product.  PER-FIL® Bulk Auger Fillers are High Capacity FILL-BY-WEIGHT Powder Auger Fillers.  Designed for applications that require Verified – Precise – High Volume – Bulk Filling of your powder and granule product into boxes, bags and drums.  Bulk Auger Fillers feature a Mettler Toledo scale to control fill cycle for optimum accuracy control.
See PER-FIL’s Bulk Auger Fillers.

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