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Celebrating 47 Years of PER-FECT Filling!

PER-FIL® Industries is a family business. Established in 1974, Horst and Charlotte Boellmann began a business that is still growing strong today.  Over the many years, PER-FIL’s greatest asset has been the people behind the name.


PER-FIL® Industries is a leading U.S. manufacturer of auger fillers and integrator of turnkey packlines.  PER-FIL employs patented technologies to develop customized filling solutions for Toner, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food, Nutraceutical, Chemical, and Household Products and Personal Use Industries.  The Company’s customers include major international manufacturers representing most of the world’s best known brands.  PER-FIL is headquartered in Riverside, New Jersey. [See full Company Profile and History].

Beside the founding of PER-FIL® Industries, what else was happening in 1974?



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What Makes PER-FIL Different?

There’s a reason PER-FIL®’s customers include major international manufacturers representing most of the world’s best-known brands.  They manufacture the most reliable, best performing, auger filling equipment on the market today.

During your research for an auger filler solution, you may have noticed that there is a remarkable similarity between most of the auger fillers currently available.  Take the label off and who knows who made it?  There is one exception: PER-FIL® Industries.  The reason?  Our filling equipment systems are not a copy of a design from the 60’s.  PER-FIL’s design was thoroughly thought out in 1974 from a blank piece of paper.  There are many UNIQUE FEATURES, as well as, innovations that help PER-FIL maintain an edge on the competition.

PER-FIL® auger fillers are meant to address the limitations of competitive equipment.  Over the last 40 years, this design has allowed us to position ourselves as the number one choice of the Toner Industry – the most challenging product for auger filling technologyWe apply the expertise gained by addressing the challenges inherent in Toner fillingfluctuations in bulk density, dust, sub-micron particle size, product degradation, tight accuracy control – to the wide range of Industries We Serve.  This expertise is unmatched by our competitors.

Made in the USA

There are many options today, when purchasing capital equipment.  With today’s technology, small and large companies alike can locate and purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world.  In fact, we depend on it.  PER-FIL® has customers in over 90 countries, and generates 50% of our business outside the U.S.  When potential customers are looking for high quality U.S. manufactured equipment, they know they can turn to PER-FIL.  We are one of the only privately held companies that design, engineer, and manufacture 100% of our equipment in-house in our plant in Riverside, NJ, USA.  Some competitors source parts over-seas, or resell inferior or used equipment.  We make our own parts, or source parts locally.  We NEVER resell foreign made equipment or parts.  When you purchase a PER-FIL, you are purchasing equipment truly Made in the USA.


We have been in business since 1974.  We are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year (2014) [See full Company Profile].  We have developed and innovated technology that the industry commonly uses today.  Filling powders and granules is part Art and part Science.  After 40 years in business and thousands of installations, we have seen it all.  Whether you need a single stand-alone auger filler, or an integrated turnkey packline, we can assist you with your unique filling project.

Expertise Handling the Most Complex Projects

When you consider bulk density, moisture content, viscosity, rates, tolerance, container types, flow characteristics, bulk feed systems – the variables to providing the optimal solution become astronomical.  However, we have experience filling products similar to yours, into a variety of containers, with a wide range of speeds and accuracies.  If you have a “complex project” or a “difficult to fill product”, we have a vast database of past projects and experienced personnel that can help develop the best solution for your business.


When you combine American production, 40 years experience, and expertise with a variety of products from the toner, pharmaceutical, food industries, as well as many others, the result is the highest quality equipment available today.  What does that mean for your business?  It means when you purchase a PER-FIL, you can expect a minimum of 20 years of service (some customers have been using the same PER-FIL for more than 30 years!).  It means low to zero downtime and maintenance costs.  If you are searching for a long-term solution that will boost your production, and reduce production costs, then you will greatly benefit from a high quality auger filler manufactured by PER-FIL Industries.