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Auger Fillers

Serving the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical,
Toner, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Household Consumer, and OEM Industries since 1974

If you have a need to fill a Powder, Granule, or Paste...

Find an Auger Filler came to the right place.

We Build an Auger Filler for
Every Application

PER-FIL® Industries' 49 years of Application Knowledge and Heavy Duty Construction is our advantage over other equipment manufacturers.


Auger Filling systems designed to meet the  unique requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry.  High Precision Auger Fillers for the Lab and Automatic High Volume Auger Fillers for Commercial Production.  Fill into your Vials, Syringes, and Sachets.

Foods and Spices

Auger Fillers to fill fine Spice Powders or Granular products such as Salts and Sugars.  Flexible enough to fill both Ground Coffee and Whole Bean Coffee.  Designed to eliminate dust and boost production.  Fill into Pouches or Rigid containers.


Creatine and Protein powders.  Healthcare powders and granules.  Fill sizes range from micro doses to over 2 lbs.  Fill into your large PET jars or small custom pouches.


High Volume, High Speed Auger Filling systems to fill your Household Products.  Fill sizes range from 8 oz. to over 5 lbs.  Filling into your Bags, Bag-in-a-Box, Drums, Pails or Stand-up Pouches.


Auger Filling systems built to fill  Corrosive and Hazardous powders.
PER-FIL Auger Fillers designed for high performance in  harsh environments.


Nail powders, Hyaluronic Acid, Eye Shadows, DUST-FREE filling of Beauty Products into uniquely shaped bottles.

Toner &

Toner is arguably the most difficult product to fill. PER-FIL's Toner filling experience is unmatched.  See why Toner manufacturers and Recycler's from around the world rely on PER-FIL® Toner Filling equipment.

Special Projects

Reliable fill heads for your Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine, Pre-made Stand-up Pouch Machine or Automation Cell.  Custom engineered filling solutions for your unique and challenging products.  Proudly manufactured in the USA. 

XP, Munitions, Diced Tomatoes, Guacamole,  No Problem.

Let's Make This Easy...

  • Looking for a foot-pedal operated machine?  Your operator will place
    each bottle or bag into position, then press a foot-pedal to start each fill. 
    See our Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers.
  • Need a system that can automatically index and fill your bottles or bags?
    See our Automatic Auger Fillers.

We Build an Auger Filler for
Every Level of Automation

Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers

Your operator uses a foot pedal to initiate each fill.  Low to Mid Volume.  Cost effective and easy to use.

Automatic Auger Fillers

The filling system automatically indexes your rigid containers or bags into the fill position.  Increase throughput and lower labor cost.

OEM and Integrated Solutions

We build the Auger Filler to work with your New or Existing packline.  Our fill-head mounts onto your Vertical Form Fill Seal or Stick Pack machine - integrates with your Packline or Automation Cell and Bulk Feeding systems.

Turnkey Packline

Integration of packline components with an Automatic PER-FIL Auger Filler.  The entire Turnkey Packline: Bulk Feeding System, Unscrambler, Capper, Labeler, Sealer, etc, will be integrated, tested, and shipped from our facility.

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We Build Auger Fillers for
Every Fill Size

Micro Dosers to High Capacity Fillers

25 mg to 5 g

Designed for Lab Environments.  Proof of Concept to Commercial Production. Pharmaceutical-grade filling systems designed for high precision dosing. 

Up to 500 g

The Original Micro-Filler is ideal for filling a wide range of products.  Perfect for Small to Mid-Volume production.  Highly reliable and easy to use.  In the field since 1994, installed in over 90 Countries.

Up to 10 lbs

Standard Full-size Auger Fillers.  Entry-level E-11 Series and High Performance Servo operated MF-11 Series.  Favorite of Food and Spice, Nutraceutical, Chemical manufacturers and Co-manufacturers.  Volumetric and Fill-by-weight filling modes.  Versatile and Upgradable.

Up to 200 lbs

Designed for high capacity filling of Chemical, Concrete, and Bulk Food products.  The MF-11HCW series can fill over 100 lbs at high speeds while maintaining better than +/- 1.0% accuracy.

We Build Auger Fillers for
Every Speed

Auger fillers for Start-ups. 
Inline Multi-Spindle and Continuous Motion Rotary's for
High Volume Contract Manufacturers and established Multi-National Product Lines.

Volumes ranging from
6,000 units per day to 6,000+ units per hour.

Model E-11

5 cpm to 20 cpm

Semi-Automatic and Automatic Auger Fillers.  When production goals include Increasing Volume, Improving Efficiency or Reducing Labor Costs. 

Automatic Multi-spindle

20 cpm to 100 cpm

Boosting production with high speed Automatic Auger Fillers.  Single-head and patented Multi-spindle Auger Fillers integrated with a conveyor and indexing system or pouch machine.  Dust-free filling at high speeds.

Automatic Rotary 
Model RCM

100+ cpm

Ultra-High Speed production of established product lines.  Patented Inline Multi-spindle Auger Fillers, Rotary Continuous Motion fillers, Monobloc filling systems with integrated checkweigher.  Fully integrated Turnkey Packlines. 

per-fil® industries

Since 1974 PER-FIL® Industries Auger Fillers have been proudly
Made in the USA.


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